Family Support Center Needs YOU

As you might have read, Catholic Charities lost a significant funding opportunity for our Family Support Center in downtown Santa Rosa.

Thank you to all who have responded with thoughts and donations. We even had one child who sent in money he/she (the message was sent by "ananomous"!) collected from selling snow cones! We are working very hard to find the funds to make up this shortfall and continue our work on behalf of homeless men, women, and kids. We will find a way through this, thanks to you.

If you can help in any way, please call 707.528.8712 x159 or email

Our Volunteers ROCK!

John Brundage is just one of our amazing volunteers who help make Catholic Charities the organization it is. His article in our recent Volunteer News shows just how committed he and others like him are. It's a great read.

If you'd like to join John as a volunteer, please contact us at 707.528.8712 or email We especially need receptionists, bilingual volunteers, and help at our thrift store, ReStyle Marketplace.

"I'm certain that there are nearly as many reasons why people volunteer to help others as there are individuals who volunteer. For some it is a need to serve others, driven by faith or personal philosophy. For others it's a way to give back in thanks for the many blessings they themselves have received in life. And for those like me, the reason lies in..." Read More

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